Resume "Developer ORACLE, Siebel, SAS"

Mishin Nikolay Alekseevich

Developer ORACLE, Siebel, SAS

Phone +7 (495) 426-13-88 (home)
Phone +7 (903) 265-90-84 (cell)
Area Russia
Home addr. Moscow,Novoyasenevsky prospect 17/50,133
Date of birth: 07.02.1976
Last changes time of resume 01.03.2008
Desired monthly compensation *** *** rubles
Relocation No relocation
1998 - Moscow State University of Communication Means (MIIT) Engineer magister
Additional education
2007 - SAS Financial Management Solutions: consolidation and the reporting sas certificate
2005 - Oracle9i DBA Fundamentals I certificate
2004 - Shell Programming for System Administrators certificate
2004 - Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL certificate
2004 - Introduction to Oracle 9i: PL/SQL certificate
2002 - 8 school-seminar Cache 5.0 cache certificate
2005 - 09iSQL/pl/sql pass off
2005 - 09iDBA1 pass off
05.2008 - JSC SITRONICS Telecom Solutions
Lead Consultant

1. Project MTS CRM Siebel:
1.1 Analysis functional requirements and business processes for HP Help Desk.
1.2 Mapping fields SID Foris describing the web-services Foris, analysis integration through web services
1.3 Analysis of the business entity CRM Siebel, Siebel Tools.
1.4 Integrating SID Foris and Siebel, the study of the data structure (Party, Party_Role, Account, Agreement, Product, Asset), to retrieve data in EIM table Siebel and launch eim processes, testing and setup files ifb
1.5 Mapping fields between foris and siebel, selekty for a sample of these fields and their optimization.
2. Pilot CRM Siebel for Comstar: establishment of financial products and build their hierarchies.
3. Operating Oracle OEBS in Comstar, download FCH (financial consolidation hub), closing the quarter SALT (reverse-balance record.) VHO (inter-cost) related parties (affiliates)

Principal Engineer escort

1. Install and configure the work of SDT RedClass under ENT Linux (in addition to the solaris and windows). Technologies: java, oracle, linux, SAP BW.Srok: 2 weeks.

11.2006 - 04.2008 OTP Bank
Chief specialist

Planning and controlling performance of works (MS Project); management of developers group (5 people), coordination of works with customer, dialogue with outsourcers (AtConsulting)
1. Development of storehouse on SAS+Oracle, completion of existing storehouse on SAS
Technologies: sasbase, sas macro, oracle, xml, java.1,5 year
2. Installation and adjustment of test and productive server SAS, OLAP Portal. Technologies: https, sas base, Olap cube studio, SAS Management Console, EMiner v5.2, SAS Enterprise Guide, creation of cubes (proc olap) and translation of cubes from sas v8 (mddb) to sas v9 (proc olap), writing and debugging of mdx-inquiries and distribution of the rights, 1,5 years
3. Credit certificates, risk-reporting, signals of danger, calculation of delays under consumer lending and credit cards, credit history. sas, 1 year.
4. IFRS reporting from the Wa-bank, New Athenes. oracle, sas base, vba, 1 year
5. Development of borrower estimation module for Zibel 8 (the mortgage, avto- and crediting for any needs) regarding the reference to the Bureau of Credit Histories (negotiations with outsourcers, construction of system architecture). Technologies: java, oracle, xml, web-services (axis.), 4 months.

08.2005 - 11.2006 Bank "Agropromcredit"
Chief specialist

Planning and realization of corporate storehouse (MS Projects), budgeting, the charter and substantiation for server, negotiations with customers, training personnel, documentation design, certificates of reception-transfer.
1. Management of group of 4 developers. Statement of a problem, development of technical project, implementation of storehouses (13 branches), construction of the accounting reporting, IFRS on the basis of storehouse. ABS "QUORUM", RBS, oracle 8,10G, reports 6.0, Ent Linux, 1 year
2. Distant crediting. Java, xml-server 1.05 CFT-retail Bank. 3 months
3. Internet Bank-client + Cash Execution of the Budget. Implementation, planning and budgeting, management of installation group (2 people). 3 months
4. Diasoft 5NT Treasury Securities. Budgeting and project realization, adjustment of workplaces and completion of reports, downloading data from quorum. MSQL, Diasoft reports, 1 year

01.2003 - 08.2005 OAO "Vimpelcom"
software engineer

Project Management: InterconnecT, Autorecon, negotiations with outsourcers, expert estimation, analysis.
1. Dialogue with developers (Intec-Systems), installation and upgrade, testing, patches, bug-leaf, sed, awk, ksh, perl; java, participation in processes ITIL:INC, CHG, SLM, REL, drawing up SLA, maintenance of a demanded level of service; hints, Arhivelog, RMAN Backup and Recovery, Forms, Reports, iAS, Oracle 8i/9i/10G (2Æí), exp/imp, sqlplus, 2,5 years
2. Development of packages PL/SQL for Amdocs Ensemble, 5 months

Name Company Position Contact information
Alexey Rjabikin OTP Bank Chief specialist 910 4882012
Pavel Pronin OTP Bank Head 926 3101885
Additional info


work tickets in:
Russian : Native Language
English : speak freely


Project Management, Oracle 9i OCA, ABS, IFRS, OLAP, DWH
- Planning and conducting projects (MS Projects), budgeting, extreme methods of project management and extreme programming, 5 years
- experience of software development - 10 years
- programming languages: Perl, Java, Sas base, Vbs (a), Unix Shell, C, Sql, Php, ABAP
- databases: Oracle 8/9i/10G, MSSQL, SAS, DB2, SAP/R3,SAP BW,1C
- API and technologies: OOP, LDAP, IDEF, UML, Erwin, Bpwin, Web-services, Servlet/Jsp, Html/Xml/Xslt/Xls, Jdbc, Junit, EJB Tomcat, Apache, IIS
- environments of development: Vim, NetBeans, Eclipse, WebSphere, PL/SQL Developer, Toad
- OC: SunOS, Freebsd, Linux, HP-UX, Cygwin, Windows 3.51-XP, Dos, Macintosh
- graphic editors: Gimp, Corel Draw, Autocad, Archicad, Photoshop
- Oracle CRM Siebel 6-8, OEBS, Va-Bank, Athena, Quorum, RBS, Diasoft 5NT

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