Запуск триальной проги zip
Option Explicit

Dim remotedate, diff, newnow, newdate, newtime, ddiff, sdiff, ws, MyDate, my_path, ret, MyPath, sPathSpec

newdate = FormatDateTime("2005-11-10", vbShortDate)

MyDate = FormatDateTime("2006-02-09", vbShortDate)

‘вычисляем разницу между сегодня и датой,когда прога работала в часах

ddiff = DateDiff("h", Date, newdate)

'ddiff = DateDiff("h", mydate, newdate)

WSH.Echo "diff " & ddiff

'Split out time.

'shift time 8 hours back

‘отматываем разницу

doResetTime ddiff, 0

Set ws = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

my_path = "E:/Program Files/PLSQL Developer/" ' & filename

ws.CurrentDirectory = my_path

‘запускаем прогу

ws.Run "PLSQLDev.exe"

'E:\Program Files\PLSQL Developer\PLSQLDev.exe

'~~~ do some copying of CAD-files here ~~~


'reset time to normal again

‘ждем 1с пока запуститься

WScript.Sleep 1000

'ws.SendKeys "Welcome Tech-Ezo Round23"

‘приматываем разницу – все..

doResetTime -ddiff, 0

'Add local time zone offset to GMT returned from USNO server.

'remotedate = DateAdd("n", timeoffset, gmttime)

'Calculate seconds difference betweed remote and local.

'diff = DateDiff("s", localdate, remotedate)

'Adjust for difference and lag to get actual time.

'newnow = DateAdd("s", diff + lag, now)

's = FormatDateTime(Now, vbShortDate)   's = "2000-12-30"

'newnow=FormatDateTime("2005-11-10", vbShortDate)

'WSH.Echo "date2work "&newnow

'Split out date and calculate any difference.

'newdate = FormatDateTime(DateValue(newnow))

'ddiff = DateDiff("d", Date, newdate)

'strValue = DateAdd("d", -1, Date() )

'WSH.Echo "diff "&ddiff

'Split out time.

'shift time 8 hours back

'doResetTime -1008, 0

'~~~ do some copying of CAD-files here ~~~


'reset time to normal again

'doResetTime +1008, 0

'Dim dt As String

'dt = Format(Calendar1.Value, "ddmmyyyy")


'WSH.Echo FileCreated("E:\Program Files\PLSQL Developer\PLSQLDev.exe")

'WSH.Echo "done"

'Public Function GetDateAndTime() as String

'    GetDateAndTime = CStr(Now)

'End Function

Sub Main()

   Const TITLE = "AnzioWin Test"

   Dim MyDate

   GetDate MyDate

   MsgBox "Today is " & MyDate, vbInformation, TITLE

End Sub

Sub GetDate(X)

   X = CStr(Date)

End Sub

Sub doResetTime(intHours, intMinutes)

Dim dateNew 'As String

Dim timeNew 'As String

Dim timeChanged 'As Date

Dim ws

timeChanged = DateAdd("h", intHours, Now())

timeChanged = DateAdd("n", intMinutes, timeChanged)

Call getTimeStrings(timeChanged, timeNew, dateNew)

Set ws = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

ws.Run "cmd /c date " & dateNew & " & time " & timeNew, 7, True

'for testing/demo:

WSH.Echo "new time:", Now

End Sub

Sub getTimeStrings(fullDate, timeNew, dateNew)

'create date and time *string* according to NLS (e.g. dd.mm.yyyy for germany)

dateNew = Day(fullDate) & "." & Month(fullDate) & "." & Year(fullDate)

timeNew = Hour(fullDate) & ":" & Minute(fullDate)

End Sub

Function FileCreated(Fname)

Dim fs, f

  FileCreated = ""

  Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

  If fs.FileExists(Fname) = True Then

    Set f = fs.GetFile(Fname)

    FileCreated = f.DateCreated

  End If

Set f = Nothing

Set fs = Nothing

End Function

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